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The Vienna Sessions

Episode 1 Pamela Nath, Director, Sustainable Shrimp Partnership

Pamela Nath, director of Ecuador’s Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP), discusses what makes her country’s shrimp sector so special, at a time when producers in most other geographies are finding times exceptionally challenging.

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The Fish Site team discusses some of the most pressing issues facing the aquaculture industry – and the innovative ways of tackling these issues – with a selection of the sector’s pre-eminent figures at DSM-Firmenich’s recent Global Aqua Days event in Vienna.

The series of interviews gives a broad range of perspectives – from shrimp farmers looking to improve their production skills; to sectoral trends from leading industry analysts; to the scientists who are working to improve the nutrition, health and welfare of fish and shrimp. Available in video and podcast formats, this is an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from the experts themselves.